Need A Professional Kitchen?

Culinary Co-Op has 8 open kitchen spaces available, as well as 5 isolated kitchens.  Our kitchen spaces have been inspected and permitted, and have been furnished with all the equipment you need to cook for your catering company, food truck, private event, etc. We offer both short-term and long-term kitchen leasing options in our open kitchen space, and our isolated kitchens can be reserved by contacting us. To book our open kitchen spaces, please scroll down to the section titled "How Do I Get Started?" (or click here). If you would like to set up a long-term lease in our isolated kitchen space, please contact us to discuss our subleasing options.

Chefs Discussing over Food

To lease isolated kitchen space for a one-time event or on a recurring basis, contact us to discuss our subleasing options.

Why Sublease From Culinary Co-Op?

Modern Restaurant Kitchen
  1. You'll receive mentorship from experienced leaders in the local culinary industry

  2. "Common Area" space and equipment for everyone to use

  3. take advantage of discounted culinary classes instructed by some of the industry's most successful business owners

  4. "Total Business Immersion" to help you better understand and successfully operate your growing business

  5. As customers are introduced to your business, you'll grow your fan base as you grow your business

  6. Produce more income and volume for your growing business

  7. Get introduced to a network of like-minded culinary entrepreneurs with great advice and knowledge for your growing business

How Do I Get Started?

  1. First, you choose your leasing plan by clicking here or on the button below

  2. After you select your leasing plan, you will have the ability to book kitchen space on our calendar from your "My Account" page

  3. Short Term plans will have the ability to book in 4-hour blocks of time

  4. Long Term plans will have the ability to book unlimited time

  5. It's recommended that all bookings are placed one month in advance

  6. For any "one-off" requests, please contact us so we can make accommodations

  7. Leasing plans can be upgraded at any time, just contact us to talk about your options!

  8. Be sure you have all of your prerequisites covered BEFORE you book your times & dates!